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From sales to repairs, we will take care of you every step of the way. We carry a wide variety of both retro and modern games and also offer repairs for all systems types as well as controllers and joysticks

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With over 15 years experience in the gaming and electronics repair industry, we have seen it all and we’re sure that we have a solution to your problem.

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New games, used games, trade-in, buy back, repairs, cleaning, and more. We are truly your one-stop game shop.

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Speak to us over the phone, e-mail, or in person. We provide free estimates and consultation. No inspection fees or hidden charges, ever.

Your one-stop repair shop

We offer repairs for all your gaming needs. Micro-soldering repairs are available for IC chip repairs as well as reballing for certain systems.


Most basic and common repair comes from overheating. This is normally due to a lack of maintenance but we understand that manufacturers make this difficult. Bring it in for a full cleaning and thermal paste change.


Common mostly on the original Playstation 4 but can happen to any system, including your TV. Repairs of this type is usually very quick if we have the parts in stock.

Hard Drive

Hard drive failures are more common on game systems than they are on computers. Manufacturers tend to use cheaper hard drives that fail after a few years. Bring it in for a upgrade before you lose all your data.

Disc Drive

Your disc drive can fail for a number of reason. The most common is caused by kids inserting coins, cards, and toys into the disc drive. We will remove the stuck objects and realign the mechanism to make sure it’s back to normal.


Game characters not behaving as you tell them? It’s most likely a stuck or unresponsive joystick causing this issue. We will change it out with an OEM brand part. In some cases, retro OEM parts are not available and may result in 3rd party parts.

Charging Port

If your controller is not charging or loses connection to the charger randomly, it is most likely a bad charging port. Bring it in for a quick replacement of the charging port,